Welcome to the Realms!

You have heard stories of the time when the Harpers existed. They seem like good times—times when you could look to strangers and friends alike and wonder if they were secretly working towards the betterment of all. Those days are gone now. Fat chance of people working for the good of the realms nevermind their neighbors.

These are times when the only stories being told are the ones that tell of foul and secretive forces at work, spreading their tendrils, groping towards ever-increasing power over the realms as a whole.

What, you ask yourself, if the Harpers returned? What if they again were to oppose these nefarious and shadowy organization? But, as you know from hard experience, sometimes hoping for something to happen isn’t as effective as making it happen. Now it is time for you to take on the invisible mantel of the Harpers, to rekindle the hope of others.

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