Mission: Fantastical

Funky Town! Or...I Smell A Rat Part II

The adventurers continued, but not before looting their kills. Everyone received 10 gold pieces, 1 turquoise piece, and 1 quartz as well as miscellaneous weapons and armor. Surya received an embroidered cloak. Frankie received the Golden Harpy MVP award or “The Harpy.” Last time, the adventurers learned from the mercenaries that they were poisoning water and wrangling rats.

Arabella returned after an all-inclusive Hawaiian resort vacation. The group continued through the rooms down to the east corridor. Suddenly, something jumped at Frankie—it’s another jelly ochre!!! GROSS. More rats came to attack too. “The master say eat, kill” croaked the rats who Arabella understood through her gnome skills. A weird wall popped up from the ground. The gang kept attacking all of their assailants. Surya tried to do some quick healing work, especially on Jane who was knocked unconscious for some time. “Am I going to be undead?” she wondered. No.

After the jellies multiplied due to attacking confusion the gang was able to defeat them all, including the weird wall which had multiple coins within it. That means other people died down there. Everyone rested for up to an hour and regained some health, Arabella: 14; Bram 40; Jane: 26; Frankie; 37. The adventure continues…

Will Frankie find her big conspiracy? Will Jane figure out how to save whomever? Will Curya get more bling? Will Arabella start a demonic pygmy hippo pet store? Only time can tell…


gilgalad RachelArabella

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