Mission: Fantastical

Funkytown! (AKA, I smell a rat)—I

The cheese is in danger!

  • Arabella got a demonic pygmy hippo named “Missy” from a mysterious origin for her birthday.
  • Frankie got a magical feather message. Flock of birds caged by the Black Dragon flying through Tannersvale. Good luck. She is convinced there is an actual dragon in the town.
  • Our cheesemonger was attacked. The cheese supply is in danger! We seconded the last wheel of cheese to use as bait for the cheese beasts.
  • Brom is a deputy (!). He also knows what rat blood tastes like. Brom deputized Frankie.
  • We followed giant rat tracks to the sewer. We fought an ochre jelly. Frankie scaled a wall to kill it.
  • Arabella ALMOST fireballs the corridor to destroy the ochre jelly. She looks 10 seconds into the future and sees Jane and Frankie scorched and near dead. She decides to use Magic Missile instead. She has used all three of her premonitions.
  • Arabella fireballed a room, killing rats and two Zentarim mercenaries. Missy the hippo emerges unharmed. (Arabella earns an advantage token.)
  • Brom subdued the last mercenary. Jane intimidated him into telling us he is a member of the “Black Network”—better known as the Zentarim!!!
  • Jane has some suspicions about Brom.
  • Brom deputized all his rats before deputizing Frankie.

Party gold:

  • 9 EP
  • 19 CP


In the “Cheese you wish your town could smell like if it weren’t facing a desperate cheese shortage” theme – here is a blog post about washed rind cheeses – http://madamefromageblog.com/2012/washed-rind-season/

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