Jane Treadwell

Every time someone comes to this town, it seems they just decide to shit in it.


So I grew up here. And my mother worked here. And this town is important to me.

If the governor is a piece of shit and the town watch is a bunch of amateurs and the local abbey is all about protecting their own interests, then the only way to take care of the people I care about it to organize grass roots style.

Slavers are not welcome here. Market control through intimidation tactics isn’t welcome either. If you think you’re going to set yourself up as some sort of devious overlord tricking a ‘naive’ population into giving you wealth and power – you should maybe reconsider that plan. Or else your face will be reconsidering my fist.

Oh and Wednesdays and Fridays I have a gig where I hang out at a bar and see who is new to town and what their plans are, and I’m getting paid in beer to be able to find this out while sitting down. Plus, I now get free space in the classified of the local underground newspaper for arranging meetings and stuff.


Jane Treadwell

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