Mission: Fantastical

Funky Town! Or...I Smell A Rat Part III

Jane was last time’s MVP! Congrats, Jane!

Anyway, there’s more black magic vibes and old school demonic energy. Surya sees a glowing chicken which tells him he can’t leave the group, as much as he would like to. These folks are cray cray. The chicken says they can either go to banishing bondage or purifying corruption. Both of those sound bad and annoyingly vague.

The group is split between the two rooms. Missy runs toward BB so the best course of action is to always follow that lil demonic hippo. They go east toward a corner which Jane remembers as being an entrance to the sewers from a Miss Partridge’s emporium which is a general store, mostly geared toward tourists.

Frankie uses her rogue senses to see a secret door. Arabella is in an explosion kind of mood and almost decided to fireball the wall down. She did not. Frankie lock picks the secret door.

The DM said, “Fucking pigs!” to Bram but the historian no longer remembers why. Sorry y’all!

Oh maybe it’s because Bram accidentally sets off a pretty dang obvious trap that creates a heavy wedge between the group. After trying to lift it, Jane and Frankie decide to explore the other way while Arabella, Surya, Bram, and Missy walk in the opposite direction. The two groups end up meeting each other catty corner and nearly kill the opposite group! Luckily they realize it’s just them.

They end up in a room with large bags of grain. The grain is wheat, but it has a gross green glowing tint with black specs coated over it. Again, Jane senses the old school demonic magic (she’s got double vision!). The bags are emblazoned with the Mulmaster tariff stamp. The group concludes that these bags have been intercepted mid-trade route. BUT WERE THEY?!?!?! WHAT’S GOIN’ ON?




gilgalad gilgalad

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