Tanners vale is a large town (pop. 750) in the far North of Faerun. It lies just up river of some of the more turbulent rapids in the Rauvin River, a major trade artery between the northern wilds and Waterdeep. The town has prospered from this trade on two accounts: 1) it has for years operated a portage service past the rapids. But even more importantly it is a production center for some of the finest and largest pieces of parchment throughout the Realms. It is a bustling town which does not display its prosperity flamboyantly, opting rather for a clean and well-kept town.

The parchment production areas and warehouses lie on the northern bank of the river along with the docks. The southern bank is primarily residential and supports numerous taverns which boom in high trade times. One of the better known ones is the Lamb and the Rabbit.

Defensive/offensive capabilities/resources you are aware of:

  • Abbey palisade
  • Small town militia (25 warriors)
  • Mercenary weapon depot
  • Northtown cliffside
  • Dun Helmite brothers (20 trained fighters)


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